5 Fun Indoor Crafts For Seniors Sheltering In Place

5 Fun Indoor Crafts For Seniors Sheltering In Place

During these moments of social distancing, it seems there has been an upsurge in fun outdoor hobbies. People are buying out nurseries, stocking up on fishing gear, and dusting off their hiking boots! 

Although fun, many of these outdoor activities might not be the best for some aging loved ones. This is especially true for those seniors sheltering in place. Yet, just because we are staying indoors, doesn’t mean there are a plethora of fun hobbies to try!

For those elderly individuals looking to make the most of their indoor time, the following will explore four great activities for seniors currently sheltering in place.

1. Coloring Books

Contrary to popular opinion, coloring books are not solely for the little ones! Adult coloring books have been shown to give a calming and relaxing feeling to elderly individuals. The act is not only relaxing, it’s great for helping seniors improve their motor function. This is because the precision required for completing a coloring book is a perfect method for strengthening hand eye coordination! 

2. Pressing Flowers

If the outside world is currently off limits, there is no reason not to enjoy nature from the indoors! Pressed flowers are a wonderful long-term activity that yields truly beautiful results. Seniors can use their creativity to create arrangements of flowers. 

This activity can involve the entire family. Seniors can ask for a loved one to give them a flower of their choosing. After pressing the gifted flower, seniors can create a ‘family bouquet” of flowers from far away loved ones. 

3. Painting 

Another wonderful shelter in place hobby is painting. There is something universal to spending the day making a new creation out of a blank canvas. 

Seniors can not only use painting to practice their creativity, they can also use it as a way to practice dexterity. Like coloring books, painting is a great way to strengthen hand eye coordination at any level. Those having difficulty gripping a paintbrush can use a thicker brush, or simply use their fingers! As Shakespeare once said “the world is your oyster!”

4. Building Birdhouses

Making a birdhouse is another great indoor activity. Although this hobby requires more materials than the previous options, its benefits definitely pay off. If seniors have the access and ability to use wood-cutting materials from their home, they can make a birdhouse from scratch. If that is not possible, no worries! Seniors can easily purchase birdhouse making kits online. 

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