Can Plastic Surgery Go Wrong?

Can Plastic Surgery Go Wrong?

Although plastic surgery can be a great way to improve your confidence, skyrocket your self esteem and change your appearance to your liking, it can go wrong very quickly.  It can reverse the telltale signs of aging, stretch marks, skin tags and even abnormalities. Many who undergo plastic surgery emerge very confident and happy with their results. However, not all patients who go under the knife are happy with how they look. Unnecessary and unprofessional plastic surgery may lead to patients experiencing embarrassment and body image issues. Often times, the plastic surgeon’s negligence is what causes a surgery to be unsuccessful and botched.


A plastic surgeon can commit malpractice by being negligent. If they make a mistake, they can be held liable for damaging the patient. They may also be forced by a court appointed judge to actually compensate the patient for any additional surgery needed to reverse the results of their botched surgery. Also, they may be forced to pay for therapy for the patient’s mental, emotional or psychological pain, lost wages and medications.


You will need to be very vocal and act as an advocate for yourself and other individuals who have encountered the same malpractice after a plastic surgery gone wrong. You are dealing with a multibillion dollar industry that needs to hold its doctors accountable for the wellbeing and safety of their clients. You have been the product of negligence and you must fight so that it does not happen again to you or anyone else. You may have been emotionally, financially and even physically damaged so it may  have a severe impact on your self esteem and wallet. Making sure that you take before and after pictures, document the negligence on camera by taking videos and write down your memory of what happened while it is still fresh in your mind. Document and date this testimony as well.

Contact an Attorney

Some examples of common malpractice include plastic surgery being performed without reasonable care or doctoral skill, insufficient advice for aftercare and failure to warn patients of potential risks and scarring associated with the surgery. This is all thoughtlessness at the fault of the plastic surgeon. You may want to consider reaching out to a personal injury lawyer such as the medical malpractice lawyer Orlando locals trust if you have experienced a botched surgery. They can help you get a fair trial and receive the compensation you deserve.

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