Find a Chiropractor for Your Car Crash Injuries

Find a Chiropractor for Your Car Crash Injuries

Immediately following a car crash, it can be hugely beneficial to find a chiropractor as part of your treatment plan towards recovery. When we are involved in such a stressful, sudden event like a car accident, our bodies tend to respond by sending our system into shock. A flood of adrenaline rushes our bodies and the severity of our injuries may not be felt until much later on. Here we cover the various reasons why seeing a chiropractor for care can be so impactful in your health journey. A chiropractor and back pain doctor Bethesda, MD relies on can perform an exam and offer recommendations for treatment.


Reduction of Inflammation & Scar Tissue Build-Up

It may take hours or even days before our bodies feel the entirety of our injuries. The period after the crash is when our bodies become inflamed and an accumulation of scar tissue builds at the injured sites. The main cause of inflammation and pain can be due to micro-tears, which are small fissures in our muscles and ligaments. Your regular doctor may have performed necessary diagnostics after your car crash, including x-rays, CT scans or even an MRI and did not observe these tears. A realignment of your spine can increase blood circulation and reduce stiff, uncomfortable inflammation.


How Standard Imaging Systems May Fail

Imaging systems are not usually able to pick up on these micro-tears, leaving them untreated. Many of our patients do not know they have these tears until seeking help for pain, when their regular doctor could not figure out the source of the problem. A chiropractor is familiar with these small yet important injuries.


A Non-Invasive, Alternative & Drug-Free Option

A regular doctor may prescribe heavy pain and muscle relaxer medications, to treat aches and stiffness. Unfortunately, this could be simply making the real problem. Pain medication can quickly become addictive, causing withdrawal symptoms in addition to a return of great pain for the patient. Through a chiropractic adjustment, the body can start to heal itself once back in proper alignment.


The Necessity of Prompt Treatment Following Accident

It is important to seek immediate treatment after a car accident. Many people may wait too long to get care, resulting in further complications. By the time patients make it into a chiropractic office, they are usually in an abundance of pain and have not found relief with their primary physician. Their regular doctor may have recommended surgery as the best and only treatment option for their injuries. Chiropractic adjustments can be a great non-invasive, alternative and drug-free choice for people who do not want to go under anesthesia and a difficult post-surgery recovery.


Chiropractic Care & Legalities

If you were in a car accident where the other driver was at fault, and are filing a lawsuit against them, we can provide documentation about the range and severity of your injuries. A copy of a physical evaluation from a chiropractor can help prove your injuries are legitimate. You may need ongoing care after the car accident, and we can create a plan which shows how long you are expected to undergo treatment.  

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