Important Relationships Maintained by Public Relations Professionals

Important Relationships Maintained by Public Relations Professionals

By hiring a public relations firm or professional, organizations are attempting to create positive ties between the message and overall goals of an organization and the public. Successful public relations provide the public with positive connotations of the organization while also maintaining honesty. Public relations differ from marketing because it exposes the idea of the organization to the public without direct payment, whereas marketing generally requires an organization to pay the platform on which they are advertising. Hiring a public relations professional may save a company money in the long run, since the goal of a pr firm  trusts is to provide free coverage to potential clients versus spending money on advertisements. Different organizations that typically hire public relations professionals include businesses, companies, nonprofit organizations and the government.

Public relations firms and professionals are also important because they maintain relationships with organization employees, shareholders, potential investors, customers and media outlets. By creating and maintaining these relationships, PR professionals are able to communicate with shareholders to grasp their ideas and goals of the organization to convey them to the public in a positive manner (normally through social media outlets). By doing so, PR is potentially generating a larger customer base and gaining future investors for an organization by means of understanding and communication.

Relationships that a public relations professional may be responsible for creating include:

    • Maintaining a positive relationship with the audience. This includes targeting a specific audiences that may want to hear different things about a company and creating a message for both audiences that is catered to their desired but is also complimentary. Public relations must realize who the target audience is and understand what they want from an organization. For example, public relations professionals who write speeches for government officials may avoid specific topics in the speech, depending on if the region is known for holding strong political opinions.
  • Maintaining a relationship with the media and media outlets. Public relations is all about giving a message to the general public, and the best way to do that now is through the media. The media is a broad term includes television networks, public radio, podcasts, and websites. Since a social media account is free to maintain, it is used as means for free advertisement of information. Public relations professionals are often required to provide information to the public via social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat.
  • Maintain relationships with shareholders. Public relations specialists must correlate the message that shareholders wish to convey to the media in a way that is easy to understand, and that will resonate well with the target audience. Since it may be more difficult for employees of the organization to create or maintain a relationship with the shareholders and corporate executives, it is important for public relations professionals to relay information from the shareholders to the employees, and vice versa.

No matter what the circumstance, creating and building on relationships with all members of the organization and the general public will enhance overall communication. By communicating better within the entirety of the organization, public relations professionals are able to understand the needs of both the organization and the public. They can then relay important information from what the consumers needs may be, and what the shareholders and investors wish for the success of the company.