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Personal Injury

If a person gets hit by a car because the driver was texting, the person will file a personal injury claim.

If a person is injured because a defective gas can explodes, the person will fire a personal injury claim.

If a person is at a restaurant and finds a finger in the middle of a bowl of spaghetti, she can file a personal injury claim.

If a person loses her job because of a rumor, she may file a personal injury claim.

Personal injury is a legal term that covers injuries to the body, mind, or emotions. It does not cover injury to property. It is most commonly used to refer to lawsuits alleging injury caused by negligence. It encompasses medical malpractice and dental accidents as well as industrial disease cases and drunk driving accidents , for which you would need a car accident attorney.The most common damages include bodily injury, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

Damages fall under two categories: special or general. Special damages are measurable costs resulting from an injury. They may be medical expenses, lost earnings, and property damages.

General damages are not as measurable. They may be pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and emotional distress.

In the United States, bodily injury is often covered by liability insurance, something your Washington, DC car accident lawyer needs to know to win your case.. In these instances, an insurer will provide legal defense for the defendant and may settle with the victim. But most insurers do not cover instances of emotional distress.

Money rewarded in personal injury claims is, by and large, not taxable. The exceptions are when the settlement is meant to replace income and itemized medical tax deductions.

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