Prevalent Car Accident Inquiries

Prevalent Car Accident Inquiries

Car accidents happen every day and can cause severe injuries to those who suffer from a collision. After the event, many people wonder what they could have done to help prevent such intense injuries. The following inquiry and answer article format is aimed to provide information regarding car accidents, including the legal process behind an injury claim.

Can I Still Recover Damages for Not Wearing a Seatbelt?

It is possible that in some states, not wearing a seatbelt can prevent a person from receiving compensation for damages. This is based on the assumption that not wearing a seatbelt causes more severe injuries, compared to someone who decided to buckle up behind the wheel. In other states, you may still recover damages even if you did not have a seatbelt on at the time of the collision. Research the laws in your state to determine which is applicable to your case.

An Insurance Adjuster Is Requesting a Copy of My Medical Records. What do I Do?

Do not willingly give an insurance adjuster your injury evaluations or a copy of other medical records. By doing so, it can severely hurt your case. Medical records should only be given under very specific circumstances, with the assistance of an attorney, like a car accident lawyer Memphis TN trusts.

Is It Necessary to Go to Court after Filing an Injury Claim?

If the other party’s insurance provider has agreed to pay an amount that your attorney stated your case is worth, you can settle to receive that financial compensation and not go to court. Sometimes, there are certain cases where a more formal legal proceeding in court is needed. An attorney can offer more advice on whether to settle and the likeliness that your injury case will be handled in court.

Do I Have to See a Doctor after a Car Accident?

It is highly recommended you see a doctor immediately after an accident. Due to your body being in a state of shock, especially after particularly terrible accidents, you may not feel all your injuries right away. A doctor would be able to perform necessary diagnostics to ensure your body system is running normally. If you had other passengers in the car at the time of the accident, they should seek medical attention as well and ask for a copy of their exam. Such paperwork may be useful down the line if proof is required to show that your injuries actually happened.

What If I Think It Was Partially My Fault?

Even if you believe the accident was somewhat your fault, there may be outside factors you are not aware of that contributed to the collision. For example, your vehicle may have had defective equipment, a traffic signal was not working properly, or the other driver was under the influence. The accident can only be viewed from your perspective and there may be outliers you were unable to observe. Never admit fault to the other driver or to your insurance company. By making statements accepting blame, it may greatly hinder how much compensation you receive for injury treatment.

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