Things That Can Damage Your Relationship

Things That Can Damage Your Relationship

Divorce Lawyer

Whether you initiated it or not, divorce can be one of the more emotionally distressing times of your life. You’re seeing your family break apart and may wonder how much your life will change after the fact. One way to make the process a little less stressful is to hire a qualified divorce lawyer. He or she can help you finalize your divorce more smoothly and help you through any roadblocks on the way. Your divorce lawyer will be a big part of your life for a while, so it’s important not to do anything that could possible damage your relationship.

Here are some mistakes that could hurt your relationship with your divorce lawyer:


Believe it or not, some people tell blatant lies to their divorce lawyers. Whether it’s lying about a previous arrest or assets you know, it will only hurt you in the end. If your divorce lawyer doesn’t know the truth about everything, he or she can’t fully protect you. To avoid unnecessary issues, answer your lawyer’s questions with complete honesty. Some subjects may be embarrassing to talk about, but remember that your lawyer is on your side. He or she has heard many of the same things before and won’t judge you.

Leaving Out Information

Omitting important information can also be harmful. If your divorce lawyer doesn’t know everything relating to your marriage and divorce, he or she might not be able to help you to the best of his or her ability. If you think that there’s anything that your lawyer should know, no matter how small it may seem, you should inform him or her right away.

Constant Ranting

When you are going through something as emotionally draining as a divorce, it’s understandable that you may want to vent out your frustrations to someone. However, your divorce lawyer isn’t the one who should be hearing about it. Many people make the mistake of ranting about their ex during their meeting with their divorce lawyers. Lawyers bill by the hour and spending most of the time ranting will just end up costing you more money. It’s better to just discuss what’s happening in the divorce during your meetings. If you need to vent, you may consider talking to a therapist.

Disregarding Their Advice

Nothing frustrates divorce lawyers more than when their clients don’t listen to their advice. You’re paying your divorce lawyer for his or her knowledge, so it’s important to take his or her advice seriously. For example, if your divorce lawyer tells you to avoid posting anything inappropriate on social media, don’t post photos of you drinking alcohol or commenting on how much you don’t like your ex on your Facebook.