What are Some Causes of Asbestos-Related Diseases?

What are Some Causes of Asbestos-Related Diseases?

One must come into contact to asbestos material in order to contract an asbestos-related disease. Fibers are microscopic and usually enter the body through the air and into the lungs. They then scar and inflame the lungs for a long period of time which can lead to asbestosis,, lung cancer, pleural thickening, effusions or mesothelioma. These conditions develop over a long period of time, typically between ten and forty years, and you may not know until it has become severe. If you are suspicious of asbestos in your home you should seek a professional asbestos removal Malibu, CA company that can help you get it taken care of.

Opportunities for Asbestos Exposure


  1. Occupational Exposure


Asbestos has been commonly used in many industries which lead to prevalent workplace exposure. Shipyards, steel mills, chemical and power plants, and refineries commonly exposed employees to asbestos materials and heightened their chances of developing asbestos-related diseases like the ones listed above.

Bystanders of asbestos-related projects were also at risk for exposure and disease since they were so close to the material. If there were fibers in the air, you were at risk of exposure regardless if you were handling the material directly.

  1. Transporting Exposure

You may have brought the material home with you on your work clothes after a long day which could have led to exposing your friends and family to the harmful substance. Anyone that can inhale the fibers can become at risk for disease.

  1. Non-Occupational Exposure

Asbestos-containing products were widely available before the 1980s and had no warning of the harmful effects asbestos exposure could have on unsuspecting consumers. Homeowners doing repairs themselves were particularly at risk since insulation, drywall, shingles and other materials were likely to contain asbestos material.

Exposed to Asbestos? Call an Experienced Attorney Today!

Because of the long latency period of such diseases, you may just now be feeling the effects and you should confirm with a doctor for a formal diagnosis. Mesothelioma lawyers have seen an increase is asbestos-related lawsuits ever since the realization that asbestos exposure is linked to numerous diseases. If you have come into contact with asbestos under any circumstances and have developed a life-threatening disease, there is a chance that you qualify for compensation.


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