Why is it that Concussions are So Mystifying?

Why is it that Concussions are So Mystifying?

When people hit an object overhead or fall down, their brain can be at risk for suffering a concussion. By definition, a concussion is when an intense blow or impact to the head can cause temporary unconsciousness. This condition can seem mystifying to some, as damage to the brain could have resulted without any visible external bleeding or wounds visible. This is also why seeking medical attention is so important, as a person may not be able to determine concussion severity accurately without a doctor’s evaluation. Concussions can range from mild to critical, depending on the circumstances surrounding the injury incident.

In this article, we have answered a few questions many people may have about concussions, and why meeting with an attorney may be in your near future.

What are some key signs that a concussion has occurred?

If you are not quite sure if you or a loved one endured a concussion, it is best to get the opinion of a doctor or emergency medical team. Do not be hesitant to call 9-1-1 if you believe a concussion has happened. The most common signs associated with a concussion are listed as follows:

  • Sensitivity to light & sound
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Increased irritability, moodiness
  • Trouble waking up from sleep or insomnia
  • Changes in appetite
  • Delayed response
  • Slurred speech
  • Ears ringing (tinnitus)
  • Nausea and/or vomiting
  • Feeling “foggy” or spacey
  • Severe headaches
  • Skull pressure
  • Losing consciousness

What sort of diagnostics may a doctor run for a potential concussion?

Whether you go to the emergency room or visit your doctor, a series of diagnostics may be performed in order to determine how badly you hit your head. A doctor may run a CT scan or MRI, in addition to hearing, coordination, memory, balance, vision, and concentration tests. If your concussion is mild, your doctor may recommend that you just get some rest and avoid participating in activities that involve your physical or mental focus. When meeting with a doctor, do leave out any details about how you are feeling. Be forthcoming with all symptoms that you believe are relevant or have newly developed since the concussion accident. Your doctor can answer any questions you have about what to expect during your healing.

When would someone with a concussion need an attorney’s assistance?

A person who has suffered a concussion may decide to meet with a brain injury lawyer Memphis, TN trusts if another person or party was an influence in the accident happening. An attorney can evaluate the incident to help determine if a lawsuit may be a good idea. The costs for concussion diagnostics and treatment are not often cheap, and medical bills can add up quickly. The person at-fault for the incident may be responsible for paying you retribution for losses. If you are considering scheduling an appointment with an attorney, it may be useful to bring along the following information:

  • Doctor exams
  • Diagnostic testing & results
  • Prescription medication
  • Loss of pay from missing work for recovery
  • Expenses for other relevant damages
  • Official incident report (if one was taken by an officer)



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