You’ve Been Lied To: The Real Road To Hormone Balance

You’ve Been Lied To: The Real Road To Hormone Balance

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Women’s hormones can be a complex issue and one that deserves real attention, not jokes and cultural generalities of women being “hormonal.” The reality is, both men and women have hormones and when they are not balanced, a person does not feel well and often does not have the resiliency, energy, and vitality they desire. This is the same for men, many of which suffer from low testosterone and excess estrogen. For the most part, women have been lied to about their hormones. They have been disregarded and not taken seriously and the medical solutions offered have been poorly designed band aids, not real solutions.

Signs and Causes of Hormone Imbalance

Hormones are important chemical messengers throughout the entire endocrine system. The organs and glands that produce hormones include: thyroid, adrenals, ovaries, testicles, pancreas, adrenals and pituitary. When one is imbalanced, it can cause widespread health problems. Signs of symptoms of hormone imbalances are often overlooked by the conventional medical model and include: infertility, irregular and/or painful periods, weight gain/loss, depression, anxiety, fatigue, acne, insomnia, low sex drive, digestive issues, hair loss and more.

While the causes of hormone balance are individual for each person, there are general issues that work together to provide the cumulative stress on your body that results in hormone problems. Causes of hormone imbalances include: food allergies, leaky gut, excess weight, inflammation, genetics, toxicity (skin care, cleaning, and home products), stress. Most likely if you are being treated by your doctor for hormone disruptions including PCOS, estrogen dominance, hypothyroid, low testosterone, diabetes and adrenal fatigue, the list above of possible causes and contributing factors has never come up. This is why you need a functional medicine approach to hormone health

Conventional Approach to Hormones

The conventional treatment options such as synthetic hormone replacement therapy, insulin injections, and thyroid medications may cause additional issues such as:

  1. Dependence on a prescription medication to manage symptoms
  2. Covering up symptoms but not solving them leaving abnormalities continuing and even worsening in other areas of the body
  3. Increased risk for major side effects such as stroke, osteoporosis, anxiety, depression, and cancer.

The Road to Hormone Balance

Balancing hormones with a functional medicine approach will be specific and unique to you because your combinations of contributing factors/causes will be different than anyone else. To truly balance your hormones, here are the core tenets to hormone recovery:

  • Increase in quality fats and decrease in processed carbohydrates
  • Adaptogen herbs and essential oils
  • Addressing underlying emotional imbalances and problem relationships
  • Supplementing to correct nutritional deficiencies
  • Beware of and get off birth control
  • Get adequate, quality sleep

Because the steps on the road to hormone balance are not the conventional path, you may not be aware that there is a homeopathic doctor Overland Park, KS trusts that can help you, or what real healing for your hormones is actually like since the most popular options are only quick fixes. The team at LifeWorks Integrative Health knows hormones and can help you be well, walking you through it each step of the way.