After Being In A Car Accident While Pregnant

After Being In A Car Accident While Pregnant

Car accidents happen, and while they’re never easy to deal with, they become more severe if one party is pregnant. If you are pregnant and were recently in a car accident, there are some things you should know.

Never Refuse Medical Attention

This isn’t just your life you have to worry about anymore. You also have to think about the life of your unborn child. If you are in an accident and someone offers first aid, allow that person to take care of you. Be sure you call 911 so the paramedics will rush to the scene to provide that care as well. In many cases, you’ll also want to ride in the ambulance to the hospital so you can receive a thorough examination for both you and the baby. If everything looks fine, that will help ease your mind, so even if you don’t feel any pain, allow the proper medical personnel to care for you.

Collect the Evidence to Corroborate Your Story

If someone else was at fault for your accident, you’ll want to collect the evidence that will corroborate your story. For example, you could take photographs at the scene of the accident to show an insurance adjuster or lawyer the exact situation. You could gather contact information for any witnesses who could back you up. This might include passengers in either car, bystanders, individuals who saw the accident out an office window and so on. If the other driver was drunk, you could go so far as to gather witness information from anyone who was with him or her at the bar, including the bartender.

Visit Your OB/GYN

Even though you’ll receive emergency care at the hospital, it’s important you give your OB/GYN a call to inform him or her about your accident. Your doctor may want to conduct a stress test or other type of examination to ensure the baby is doing ok. He or she will probably examine you as well, just to be sure you’re in the best health to carry your baby. If the doctor puts you on bedrest, be sure to heed those directions. If the doctor recommends an early delivery, that could also be in your best interest and the best interest of your child.

Call a Car Accident Lawyer

After being in a car accident while pregnant, you’ll want people on your side to advocate for your rights and compensation.