common Myths About Sex Discrimination 

common Myths About Sex Discrimination 

A workplace is expected to be a positive and safe environment, but unfortunately, incidents of discrimination are common. A particular type of discrimination is sex discrimination, which is when a person is treated differently based on their sex or gender. If you believe that you have been a victim of sex discrimination in your workplace, a sex discrimination lawyer like one at Barry P. Goldberg can offer you legal support. 

The Victim Did Something to Cause It

An assumption that many people hold when it comes to sex discrimination is that the victim probably did or said something that prompted the discrimination. This is an unfair opinion that does not reflect the reality of how sex discrimination happens. For example, it is not a female worker’s fault if she decides that she wants to have children and her employer decides not to promote her. The employer should not retaliate or reprimand them for making a private and personal decision about how and when they want to raise a family. 

Sex Discrimination Mainly Involves Harassment

Though sexual harassment is a common type of sex discrimination complaint, there are many actions that can warrant sex discrimination. It is not just limited to harassment, but it can include actions such as harsher discipline, changing your hours or job duties, and creating a hostile environment for workers of a certain sex or gender. Discrimination can consist of many forms, and some are not obvious or easy to spot.  

Only Women Experience Sex Discrimination

For too many people, sex discrimination is often seen as a women’s issue. Though many cases of sex discrimination do disproportionately affect women, it is important to acknowledge how men and nonbinary people are also affected by sexual discrimination. Women can also assume positions of power and conduct discriminatory actions and behavior towards people of other sexes. 

If you or someone you know believes that you may be a victim of sex discrimination, you can have access to legal services with the help of a sex discrimination lawyer like one at Barry P. Goldberg. They have helped many clients with their cases and know how to give you the legal advice and help that you need. They will analyze your legal options so that the at-fault party is held accountable. You are not alone in your experience. Schedule a risk-free consultation with a trusted and qualified sex discrimination lawyer that you can rely on now.