Common Reasons For Disinheriting A Child From Your Will

Common Reasons For Disinheriting A Child From Your Will

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While it would be ideal to never have to disinherit a child from your will, life does not always work out that way. Sometimes it is in the best interest of everyone to disinherit someone from your will. Here are a few common reasons for disinheriting a child from your will.


Unfortunately, some parents become estranged from their children. They may have had a big fight about something important and decided to not speak to one another anymore. When parents have gone years without communicating with a child, they may decide to disinherit that child from their will.

Inheritance Was Given During a Child’s Lifetime

Sometimes parents decide to help their children financially throughout their lifetime. They may give their children money for rent, college and other expenses. In this situation, parents may decide to disinherit their child from their will, especially if they have other children. They may believe it is fair to disinherit the child who had financial support during their lifetime and give their remaining assets to their other children who did not receive any support.

Disagreement About Life Choices

Parents can have disagreements with their children about how they live their life. For example, they may be upset with their child’s sexual preference or political ideologies. Unfortunately, this can cause some parents to disinherit their children from their will.

No Need for Assets

If parents have one child who is very financially successful and other children who earn much less money, they may decide to disinherit the financially successful child from their will. They may feel that the child does not need the financial support like the other children do.

What to Do If You Want to Disinherit a Child from Your Will

If you wish to disinherit a child from your will for whatever reason, it is a good idea to consult an experienced estate planning lawyer, like one from W.B Moore Law as soon as possible. Even if you disinherit a child from your will, he or she may still try to challenge the will in court. This may create extra stress for your other heirs. An estate planning lawyer can ensure that your will is valid and holds up in court, giving you a peace of mind.