I was in a horrible accident, do I need a personal injury lawyer to help me?

I was in a horrible accident, do I need a personal injury lawyer to help me?

Whether you have been injured in a car accident, at work, on a commercial property, or while receiving medical treatment, you might be wondering whether or not you need a personal injury lawyer. In the U.S. personal injury claims are one of the most common civil matters with several thousand being filed every year in each state. After an accident you might be told by friends or family members to consult a lawyer, while others may be telling you the exact opposite leaving you confused about what you should really do. To help you decided whether or not you should retain a personal injury lawyer, consider the following. If you’re still unsure, please call a personal injury lawyer Lakeland FL residents trust for personal legal advice.

Factors to Consider When Decided Whether or Not to Hire a Lawyer

  • A lawyers’ skills can be a threat to the insurance company
  • You might collect more compensation
  • A lawyer might help with complex claims
  • The more serious your injuries are, the more you may be entitled to
  • Some insurance companies refuse to settle in good faith

Did the injury happen while you were working on the job?

Although you may qualify for workers compensation, there may be times in which you could benefit from legal representation. A lawyer can help to determine who is at fault. In addition to getting more money for your injuries, it might also be possible to file a separate claim against a negligent manufacturing company or other entity.

Do you have long term or permanent injuries?

If your accident has caused you to be hindered from basic physical capabilities, is affecting your appearance, or has disabled you for life, you may want to consult a personal injury lawyer. These types of cases are generally considered to involve a serious injury that may be worth more than other kinds of claims. A lawyer can help you to get maximum compensation to ensure your losses are covered for many years to come.

How severe are your injuries?

In general the value of your claim is mostly determined by the severity of your injuries. To determine the severity of your injuries the cost of your medical treatment (current and future), the type of injuries, and your recovery time should be measured. As the amount of compensation increases, there is an increased risk of losing more. It may be worth it to retain a personal injury lawyer who can ensure you get maximum damages.

Is medical malpractice a factor?

A case that involves an illness or injury which is a result of carelessness, incompetence, or wrongdoing at the hands of a medical professional, hospital, clinic, or other facility, generally is considered to be medical malpractice. Special laws, legal rules, and regulations are usually involved which is why most of these cases will require legal representation.

Have you been exposed to a toxin, chemical, or hazardous material?

Contaminants can lead to serious debilitating illnesses or death. Toxic exposure claims are not easy to prove, and often require scientific data, expert witnesses, and specialized resources. Furthermore, many industries and corporations have taken great strides to protect themselves against damaging legal exposure. Known as a toxic tort, these claims may involve exposure to asbestos, mold, lead paint, chemicals, contaminated water, and more. These cases should not be dealt with unless you have a lawyer on your side.

Is your insurance company refusing to pay?

Sometimes, regardless of what happened and how much you have lost, the insurance company will refuse to settle with you. In these situations, a lawyer might be able to help.


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