Do You Need A Lawyer To Get Child Support?

Do You Need A Lawyer To Get Child Support?

Technically, you don’t need a lawyer to get child support from the other parent. Realistically, child custody and support are complex legal issues that deserve a consultation from a lawyer, at the very least. Read on to learn how a lawyer can protect you during child support negotiations.

Your Ex May Have Their Own Lawyer 

Financial issues can be complicated, especially during a divorce. When the other side has his or her own lawyer, you should consider getting a legal counsel of your own. Your lawyer can protect your rights and your child’s rights without bringing emotion to the table. It takes stress off you and gives you more foundation during negotiations.

Child Support Isn’t Always Cut and Dried 

Every state has its own formula to calculate child support. These formulas don’t always take into account all the nuances of your situation. Although child support should be fair to each parent, there are many variables that can affect who pays for what.

You May Not Know the Other Parent’s Income 

If you’re going through a divorce, it’s likely that you and the other parent aren’t on good terms. Your lawyer can help you get the information from the other parent about their income and whether they’re hiding assets. Child support can be a divisive issue in a divorce because people don’t want to give up any more than they have to.

Your Lawyer Helps You Avoid Missing Out 

Child support is owed to your child. Even if you just want your ex out of your life, your child has a right to financial support from both parents. Your lawyer can work out the arrangements to get the right support for your child without giving up your rights. When you DIY your legal issues, you may not fully understand everything your child is entitled to for child support.

Your Lawyer Can Help Enforce Child Support 

When you have a problem getting child support from the other parent, your lawyer can help file paperwork asking for the judge to find the other parent in contempt. Your first priority should be helping your child through the transition, not policing the other parent and making them pay. A lawyer can help take that burden to give you time to deal with day-to-day problems.

Child support is a complex issue. While you can certainly DIY child support, it’s not recommended. Talk to a lawyer, like a child support lawyer in Round Rock, TX from the Law Office of Jason Wright, PLLC, about your case to know that you’ve done all you can to support your child.