Drunk Driving Accidents in DC and Maryland

drunk driving accidents in Dc and MarylandFacing a DUI or drunk driving offense can have dramatic consequences, ranging from losing points on one’s license to jail time. The Washington DC Metro area is particularly known for often lethal traffic accidents. Courts in the DC/ MD area can therefore be particularly tough on those charged with this crime. Having the right DUI lawyer in Montgomery County can mean the difference between a life-altering sentence and a lesser one. NYU Global Law has many resources to help you with your search for a top drunk driving accident lawyer in DC.

One needs a qualified, experienced DUI Defense lawyer in such an instance. As it says on the About Us page, education, experience, and references are important aspects when searching for the right lawyer. The legal terms surrounding a DUI charge can be particularly complex and you will benefit from a passionate, attentive DUI lawyer, who will stay by your side and communicate with you throughout the process. A top DUI Lawyer in Montgomery County will be well versed in local, state and federal laws and insure that your sobriety test was fairly administered and your rights were in no way violated. If your test was unfairly administered, a DUI lawyer in Montgomery County can work to get the charges dismissed. There are many instances in DUI cases where the accused party incorrectly tests as positive, or a second DUI test is administered in which the accused does not show a blood alcohol content over the legal limit. If you find yourself in a similar situation, an accomplished DUI attorney can help you fight the case. 

Even if you were, in fact, driving under the influence and are willing to pay the fines, it would still behoove you to speak with a DUI attorney to ensure that your charges are not excessive.  A strong Montgomery County DUI attorney can fight witness bias against you that could potentially give rise to more severe punishments. Also, your DUI attorney can file a motion to suppress your statements if you were arrested, or file a motion to hold an evidentiary hearing to reveal what evidence the prosecution will bring against you. Furthermore, if you do not hire a DUI attorney, you are likely to lose your case and your insurance rates are almost guaranteed to increase.

If someone is harmed as a result of your reckless driving, you may face serious consequences, not just from a DUI charge but also from a lawsuit, where you may face an aggressive Washington DC personal injury lawyer. Throughout the US and particularly around the Beltway, hundreds of car accidents occur per year, and many accident victims hire drunk driving accident attorneys in Washington DC to help them obtain compensation.

A drunk driving accident can have life altering effects. Even if you and other parties walk away unscathed, there are serious legal consequences for these actions. A qualified DUI attorney in Montgomery County can see that you are not punished unfairly and that the judicial system properly handles your case. Your DUI or drunk driving attorney should listen carefully to you and speak openly as well, keeping you informed during this often confusing and unnerving event. Speaking with a qualified Montgomery DUI attorney can mean the difference between paying a fine and years of jail time and a criminal record.

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