Fda Cracks Down On More E- Cigarettes

Fda Cracks Down On More E- Cigarettes

The FDA and other U.S. health officials have long been going up against e- cigarettes or vaping. Over the years it seems that there have been more ways and different products developed to make using these products more accessible. More recently, health officials are now cracking down on disposable e – cigarettes using fruity flavor claiming that these companies were never given permission to sell these products in the United States. Companies like to use fruity flavors to attract younger crowds and make it more appealing to them. Companies like Puff Bar e-cigarettes are being told to remove their products from the market within the next 15 business days. Their products include flavors such as mango, pink lemonade and strawberry. Officials have also sent 9 other vaping companies letters warning them to stop selling their products as well. The letters say that these companies are selling unauthorized e-cigarettes and nicotine solutions that are illegally appealing to young adults and children. This is being scrutinized because some of the packaging and flavors are to represent flavors of sweets and cereals such as Twinkies and Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

This crack down on disposable e- cigarettes is happening months after the FDA made new laws regarding vaping. These new regulations happened in February of 2020 which targeted reusable vaping devices. Huge companies like Juul, a brand that largely helped trigger the teen vaping trend in the United States, were the main target of these new regulations. Under the new policies, companies were no longer able to sell flavors that would appeal to young adults and children. Only flavors such as menthol and other tobacco flavors are now allowed for those devices. Even though these policies are now in effect, it has been noted by anti -vaping advocates that companies that are selling disposable products are using a loophole in the FDA. Since the policies set early in 2020 were largely meant for reusable products, the disposable products were technically unaffected. In a statement, The Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, called this new action from the FDA a “welcome, necessary and overdue step,” but also noted that it only addresses a “small number of these products and does not even cover all disposable e-cigarettes.”

As more and more studies come out, they are showing how vaping is not a healthier solution to traditional cigarettes. In many cases, they are starting to cause more problems within the lungs and other parts of the body. The government does not want vaping companies to target young adults and children making them become addicted to their products from a young age. Coming this September, all U.S. based vaping companies are facing a deadline to submit their products so they can be reviewed by the FDA. This process has been long delayed due to the recent global pandemic of Covid-19. The FDA has sent in motion a years long efforect to start regulating the multibillion dollar vaping industry including thousands of products such as e – cigarette devices and other nicotine products.

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