Finding the Right Knee Doctor For Your Pain

Finding the Right Knee Doctor For Your Pain

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During your journey in finding healing and a reduction of pain in your knees, it is important to find the right treatment plan and doctor for you. Regardless of the severity of pain or how an injury happened, a knee pain doctor PG County, MD trusts can offer you compassionate and skilled care. It has become increasingly popular for patients to desire alternative options to standard medicine, including chiropractic care.

What many may not realize is that chiropractic care does not just apply to the back, but other areas of the body as well. A chiropractor can perform an alignment on your knees too. Here we have covered more information about chiropractic treatments and how this approach may be just what you need for pain reduction.

When to See a Knee Doctor

Most patients decide to try chiropractic care even when feeling only a small amount of pain in their knees. By seeking care for aches and pain right away, it can help prevent worsening in the future. Here we have listed signs that may mean it is time to schedule an appointment with a knee doctor right away.

  • You are not able to complete daily tasks, such as errands or hobbies
  • You hear or feel a crunching, popping or friction in your knees when moving
  • You avoid feeling pain by limiting your locomotion for the day
  • Your prescription medications have not resulted in a lasting solution
  • You are afraid to move around out of fear your knees may give out
  • There is bruising, redness and/or an odd deformity around your knees

Medicine-Free Option

The traditional treatment plan for many patients with painful knees may involve plenty of rest and taking prescription medications, including heavy pain killers and hazy muscle relaxers. This may feel great in the moment or for a short period of time, but often proves to not be a lasting treatment plan. This is due to the fact that medications may only be disguising and hiding the actual source of the problem. With chiropractics, the goal of treatment is to adjust areas of your body that may be out of alignment, in order to get it working as it was designed.

Medical History

When meeting with a knee doctor, they may ask a series of questions, but this is only to help gather information to create a more useful care plan that is exclusive to you. If you would like to know more information about how chiropractic adjustments work, we would encourage you to reach out to a chiropractic office today.



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