How Store Owners Can Prevent Slip & Falls

How Store Owners Can Prevent Slip & Falls

Those who enjoy browsing the isles of stores may wonder what would happen if they were to slip and fall while shopping. Customers should have a clean and debri-free shopping experience. If even a small puddle or object is in the walkway of a store, it can cause the shopper to easily slip and fall. Some shoppers may only suffer from minor scrapes and bruises. But for many others, the injuries can be way more serious. The severity of a shopper’s injuries depends on the scenario, including how the shopper fell, their current health condition and whether it was liquid or an item that caused the slip and fall.

Here we have answered questions about slip and falls in stores, how store owners can help prevent them from happening and the range of injuries the shopper may suffer from.

Are businesses responsible for the safety of their shoppers?

Every business owner or manager should provide a shopper with a pleasant and safe experience. Failing to clean up a spill or mess can be a threat for shoppers who are looking up at shelves, and not necessarily at their feet. The store or owner could be at risk for a civil lawsuit if a shopper was to get seriously injured.

Should a shopper get medical attention after a fall?

If injuries surpass what a standard first aid kit can offer, then medical attention is recommended. If for any reason the shopper does not feel quite right, an ambulance may be needed. Sometimes, our body does not reveal the severity of our injury until hours, days or weeks later. Seeing your doctor after a slip and fall may be the best decision, regardless of how well you believe you feel at the time of the incident.

What risks should a store owner be aware of?

The two obvious risks to a shopper were stated above, as either puddles of liquid or some sort of object on the floor can be the most common hazards for shoppers. Other scenarios that can cause a shopper to become hurt can include:

  • Tripping on frayed or bent carpet
  • Unsecured items collapsing to the ground
  • Poor lighting in certain areas of the store or isles
  • Ceiling leaks that have gone unattended to or not properly fixed
  • The store lacking carpets at the entry and exit during times of rain or snow

Should I keep a copy of all my medical tests and treatments?

It may be a good idea to keep a file of all medical paperwork related to your injuries. In the event you decide to hire an attorney and file a civil lawsuit against the store, owner or manager, these documents can be useful to have. When seeing your doctor, let them know you recently fell so he or she can run appropriate testing including x-rays, MRI, brain scan, cognitive ability, blood work, range of motion and perform an overall exam. A slip and fall lawyer residents trust can provide legal guidance if you decide to seek financial compensation for your injuries while at the store.