How Do I Know If I Can Trust My Doctor?

How Do I Know If I Can Trust My Doctor?

Patients who have heard about tragic hospital accidents either through word of mouth or the news, may begin to wonder if they can truly trust their own doctor. The majority of doctors get into the medical field in order to help cure and treat those who are suffering. However, doctors are still people too and may commit a flaw in judgement or procedure protocol when treating your condition. While it is understood that humans are not perfect, a patient should still not have to suffer a newly developed condition or pain because of a medical mistake. If you are wondering whether or not you can trust your doctor, hopefully the information below helps alleviate your concerns.

What should I do if I think a medical error has occurred?

If a hospital accident ever happens to you or someone you love, you may want to meet with a legal professional immediately. The attorney you consult with should be empathetic to your concerns, as it can be scary to imagine that your doctor has in fact made a huge mistake regarding your health. An attorney can not only provide you advice, but represent you in the event you decide to file a lawsuit.

What are characteristics I should look for in my doctor?

Those who have known their doctor for many years, have probably established a positive relationship over that time period. The more a doctor treats a patient with support and accuracy, the more trust that can be built. Signs that your doctor may actually be quite trustworthy are listed as follows:

  1. Your doctor never makes you feel judged or minimizes your symptoms/condition.
  2. Your doctor takes into consideration all of your expressed aches and pains when trying to figure out a diagnosis, or potential reasons for your discomfort
  3. Your doctor has never accidentally confused you for a different patient
  4. Your doctor answers all of your questions and never rushes you out the door
  5. Your doctor provides you with many treatment options for your condition whenever possible, so you feel in control of what happens with your body
  6. Your doctor makes you feel truly heard, and is compassionate towards your pain
  7. Your doctor has never surprised you with an unexpected charge or additional expense

Is it okay to send in a complaint letter to the hospital about a suspected error?

It is an option for you to submit a written letter to the hospital, regarding an error you believe may have happened. The one thing to keep in mind by doing this, is that the hospital may or may not respond accepting responsibility, even if it was their fault. When it comes to lawsuits regarding medical mistakes, hospitals may end up having to pay a fortune. In order to protect the establishment, a hospital may attempt to delete any evidence related to the accident in order to appear innocent. It may be best to talk with a medical malpractice lawyer for advice first, before taking any sort of action.