how To Empower Yourself After Getting A Ticket

how To Empower Yourself After Getting A Ticket

Getting pulled over by the cops is stressful. As you sit there waiting for the officer to walk up, you may feel a sense of panic. Will you get a ticket? Is the officer going to be difficult? Or will there be other consequences? It can be hard to remain cool, calm, and collected when put in a situation where an officer has control. From the moment you are pulled over and on, there are ways you can protect yourself and try to get your traffic ticket dropped. 

Stay Respectful

Once you realize that the officer is going to give you a traffic ticket, you may be tempted to go into an outrage. Do not argue with the officer or try to persuade them why you shouldn’t be given a ticket. Accept the ticket, sign the paper copy, and then it can be dealt with shortly thereafter. 

Listen to Instructions

The officer may provide instructions on how to deal with the citation, or they may show you the steps you have to take on the back of the ticket itself. Even if the officer doesn’t make an effort to point out this information, the ticket should come with these details.

Consider Alternatives

Some people may just pay the ticket to get it over with so they can move on with their day. However, by doing so, you are admitting to guilt automatically and this can add points to your driving record. The costs don’t end once your ticket is paid, since your insurance rates may go up too.

As our Traffic Ticket Attorney associates from Rispoli & Borneo P.C. know, getting a ticket is an awful feeling. Those who receive them can feel more empowered in the situation by learning about ways to get it dropped or at least reduced.