How To Find The Right Divorce Lawyer For You 

How to Find the Right Divorce Lawyer For You  - Judge gavel deciding on marriage divorce

How To Find The Right Divorce Lawyer For You 

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There are roughly 747,000 couples who get divorced annually in the United States. This process is often time intensive and emotionally draining and can last upwards of a year, depending on your circumstances. While you don’t have to have a divorce, lawyer can often make the process easier and less complicated in the long run.

Many people don’t know how to go about finding the right divorce lawyer for them. You will have to look at your own issues and needs to start the process. You will have to do some homework as there isn’t a one-size-fits-all lawyer out there for anybody.

Finding The Right Lawyer For You 

Just like with many other services, finding a good divorce lawyer can start with referrals from friends or family. You can also get more information from other professionals, such as your accountant or financial advisors. You can also start your search with a simple Google search to see if there are any lawyers in your area.

Once you have identified possible candidates is then time for you to start interviewing your top choices. Most lawyers will offer a free consultation, but you should budget for a paid meeting if you think the lawyers are worth it. Here are the top three things you should look for in your lawyer to ensure that you find the right fit for you.

  1. Expertise

Find a lawyer who specializes in divorce and issues that best pertain to your situation. You should look at what you need in your situation to find the lawyer that best suits your needs. For example, you might want someone who focuses on custody-related issues if you have children. You also want someone who has court experience. When you have a lawyer who is familiar with the judges and the court system in your jurisdiction, that can help base their strategy on how the judges have ruled in the past.

  1. Approach

You should find a lawyer who aligns with your approach to the divorce. Asked how they would handle your issues and how they would work in a collaborative style to help you problem-solve and minimize conflicts. While you may want to take a more aggressive approach, you need to find a lawyer who best lines with your wants and needs.

  1. Comfort Level

When you’re going through a divorce is often an intense, painful, and financially risky experience that can leave you drained and frazzled. This is why you should look for a lawyer who you feel you can have some level of trust with. You should also find a lawyer who treats you with respect, consideration, and patience.

We understand that going through a divorce can be a painful time, and that is why aligning yourself with a divorce lawyer like our friends at Robinson & Hadeed is often a good step and an important one.