How To Start Receiving Child Support Payments

How To Start Receiving Child Support Payments

To care for a child is a huge financial responsibility. When one parent has primary custody, it is normally up to the other parent to provide child support payments. Every state has specific laws that regulate child support. These laws will alter the process that a parent uses to receive child support and the date that the noncustodial parent can stop support payments. Many states claim that once a child turns 18 or graduates high school that the payments stop. So, how do you ensure that you receive child support payments?

Apply for Child Support

You need to file for child support as soon as possible. If you are divorced, this should happen as soon as possible. If you were never married, then you may also want to file for support right away. You can use the help of an attorney or child support agency to go through the court. They can help you provide the right information to the courts. The child support obligation generally begins the date that you file the order. Attorneys are useful because they can help ensure you have all of the documents and information necessary to file an order.

Receive a Court Order

It may sound daunting to obtain a court order, but it is relatively simple. If you want your child’s other parent to pay his or her obligation, then you will need this court order. Without a court order, your ex doesn’t have any legal obligation to pay. Often, parents will come to a child support agreement without the help of the court, but one party won’t hold up his or her end of the bargain. He or she can stop making payments and there is little that you can do about it without a court order.

If you need help collecting child support, there are Child Support Enforcement Agencies that can provide you with assistance. For instance, if your child’s other parent lives out of state, the agency can help you to locate him or her. Also, if you don’t receive any payments, the agency can guide you through the process to ensure that you are getting the money that you are owed. When it comes to child support orders, it is crucial that you go through the court. When you choose to do things privately or to demand child support without a court order, then the other parent could stop payment with no consequence. Talk to a lawyer, like a child support lawyer in Gig Harbor, WA from Robinson & Hadeed Family Law, today about your options.