If my motorcycle is totaled in an accident, will my settlement replace it?

If my motorcycle is totaled in an accident, will my settlement replace it?

When you have been involved in a motorcycle accident at the fault of another driver, you probably have questions regarding your insurance claim.  If you were injured you will have questions about compensation for medical expenses as well as compensation for the damages to your motorcycle.

Motorcycle Accidents and Tort Laws

Accidents, including ones involving a motorcycle are governed by the United States Tort Law.  A tort is defined as an infringement of a right or an act that leads to civil legal liability.  In other words, the person causing the accident is held liable for any injuries, harm or damages incurred.

Compensation For Losses In A Motorcycle Accident

Depending on the circumstances and facts of an accident case in which a motorcycle or other motor vehicle is involved, financial compensation is usually awarded to the victim of another’s negligence.  This would include damages to the vehicle or motorcycle, injuries and other losses that the victim incurs.

Financial Compensation Is Often Awarded For The Following

  •         Damage or loss of property
  •         Medical expenses
  •         Physical disfigurement
  •         Physical disability
  •         Mental or emotional distress

When Your Motorcycle Has Been Totaled

When determining the value of a motorcycle and whether or not it is totaled, there are several factors that need to be taken into consideration Does the cost to repair the motorcycle outweigh the value?  Can the motorcycle be repaired and still remain safe to ride? Would the repairs meet state laws and regulations regarding safety?

Settlement Of An Insurance Claim

Insurance companies are in business to make money.  They will do almost anything to avoid paying claims and if a claim has to be paid, they aren’t likely to be fair. Their solution to increasing profits for the shareholders is to reduce the amount paid toward claims as well as denying claims all together.  Some people choose to retain an attorney to represent them in hopes that they will receive the maximum benefits as well as full payment for a motorcycle that has been deemed totaled.  Others however, choose to represent themselves because of the cost to hire an attorney.  However, in the long run, even after taking out his fees, a motorcycle accident lawyer such as the motorbike accident lawyer locals turn to will most likely be able to maximize the amount of money and other benefits you receive may from the insurance company.