Is Your Insurance Company Settling Your Homeowners Claim for Less than You Deserve?

Is Your Insurance Company Settling Your Homeowners Claim for Less than You Deserve?

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Insurance companies are there to protect you. When your house is damaged, you expect that your insurance company will help you cover the costs. After all, that’s why you pay them a premium each month.

There are times, however, when insurance companies won’t pay you what you deserve. There are many reasons why they do this. Generally, insurance companies are in the business of making money and if they have to pay money out to you for a claim, they don’t make as much.

Settlement Offers

After your home is damaged, your insurance company may offer you a settlement. You’re excited about this because you have appliances and other household items that need to be replaced.

Your insurance company is banking on the fact that you won’t consider all of the future expenses you’ll have related to your damaged home. Instead, your insurance company is hoping you’ll take their offer of quick cash and not think twice.

When you take a settlement offer from your insurance company, you’ll sign a document stating that you accept the money as payment in full of your claim. This means that if you rack up additional expenses and repair costs, those expenses will be entirely out of your own pocket.

That’s why it’s important to contact a trusted attorney who can review your homeowners claim and any settlement offers from your insurance company. Experienced lawyers are the answer you need. We have helped clients just like you decide the initial offer from their insurance company was not sufficient to cover their existing and future needs. Once we make that determination, we work together to negotiate with your insurance company to get the compensation you deserve to get back on your feet.

Settlement Offers don’t Include Everything

Many settlement offers don’t include the full value of your claim. Insurance companies will try to force the settlement offer on you because they know you need the quick cash.

When you work with a law firm, they make sure you have the best chance of recovering everything you deserve. This includes:

  • Full value replacement of appliances and other household items
  • Repair and replace fixtures
  • Inspect and categorize additional damages

While the expectation of a quick settlement is good, it could end up costing you more money in the end. When you don’t account for all of the future needs, you can quickly find yourself paying substantial sums out of your own pocket. You may have a tiny leak in a pipe caused by the damage to your home. But maybe that leak doesn’t become known for six months. Now you have mold damage, drywall needing to be replaced, and the pipe issue. All of that would be out of your own pocket.

By choosing experienced attorneys, you give yourself the opportunity to get the full compensation you need to get home back to normal. It may take longer to get the full value of your claim but you won’t have to pay any of the costs out of your own pocket.

Why work with a Law Firm

If your home has been damaged, the insurance company will immediately attempt to get you to settle. It may be easy for this offer to seem appealing and deserving. However, these offers are often the opposite. They likely do not consider all of the damage your home has suffered.

Putting you and your family first means getting representation from a skilled legal firm. Call a claims consultant offers today to get started.