low-stress Ways To Get Out Of A Ticket

low-stress Ways To Get Out Of A Ticket

No matter how great of a driver you know you are, there may be times when you slip up and an officer pulls you over to issue a ticket. This ticket is probably going to cost you at least a hundred dollars or more, and can make your insurance rates go higher. It’s no wonder that so many people want to try and get out of a ticket if it’s possible. Here are some low-stress tips to hopefully avoid shelling out your hard earned money and preventing a tainted driving record:

Be Polite

Everyone has their own feelings about law enforcement and the role they have in the community. However, this doesnt mean it’s a chance to verbally attack or be rude to the officer. At the end of the day, if they want to give you a ticket, nothing is stopping them from doing so. Be polite.

Don’t Flirt

Bribery or flirtatious strategies may only make the situation more uncomfortable. Very few police officers actually respond positively to being flirted with while issuing a traffic ticket. No one likes having their profession or integrity questioned, so avoid this approach at all costs.

Don’t Pay Yet

If you pay the traffic ticket right away, then this is considered a voluntary and automatic admittance of guilt, and can eliminate your chances of getting the ticket dropped or at least reduced. You will have a set period to respond to the ticket by either paying or entering a plea, so consider getting advice from a traffic lawyer first.

As a Speeding Ticket Attorney from Rispoli & Borneo P.C. would advise, those who get tickets should find out more about whether they have a chance of getting out of it. By being cordial with the officer, refraining from flirting, and assessing your situation before paying, it can make all the difference in how much stress you experience.