Should You Opt For Spousal Support?

Should You Opt For Spousal Support?

Spousal Support Lawyer

As you begin planning for how your divorce process will unfold, you’ll want to be as forward-thinking as you can compel yourself to be. What does this mean? Divorce inspires many emotions and these emotions can manifest themselves so intensely that it can be difficult to consider anything but the ways in which you are feeling right now. However, divorce is not only about the past, the present, and one’s emotions about both of those realities. It is also—ideally—about transitioning into the healthiest future possible. Devising a solid property division strategy can help to facilitate that kind of transition.

Dividing Your Property – The Basics

Chances are that the asset division aspect of your divorce will be subjected to either an equal distribution standard or an equitable distribution standard. Each state determines which standard—or alternative standard—to impose upon the divorce processes of its residents. If your divorce is subject to an “equal” standard, the value of your marital property must be divided 50-50. If your divorce is subject to an “equitable” standard, this value may be split differently, provided that the ultimate division strategy is fair.   

Spousal Support Considerations

As an experienced spousal support lawyer – including those who practice at May Law, LLP – can confirm, no two couples need to approach the process of asset division in exactly the same ways. Your asset division strategy should reflect your unique needs and goals. For example, your spouse may be intent on keeping your marital home. You, by contrast, are determined to travel and to have the means by which you can start the next phase of your life in ways that promote adventure. Under these circumstances, it might make sense to pursue alimony instead of physical property. That way, the payments you’re owed can fund your unique goals moving forward.  

Speaking with an Attorney About Your Options

Regardless of what approach you believe might ultimately be right for you, it is important to seek legal guidance in order to benefit from an experienced professional’s point of view. By seeking such guidance proactively, you’ll place yourself in the best possible position to make informed decisions about both your asset division strategy and how you’ll need to handle financial challenges during the divorce process itself. Your future is worth investing in—even when it (very understandably) feels like the present is all that matters. Connect with a reputable attorney in your area today to better ensure that your present and future interests are protected.