Steps To Do When You’re Injured In A Motorcycle Accident

Steps To Do When You’re Injured In A Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Studies show that fatal motorcycle accidents are around 27 times more likely to happen than fatal passenger car accidents. If you consider the vehicles alone, you’ll quickly realize why a motorcycle is more deadly when involved in an accident. When death does not occur, motorcyclists involved in auto accidents are often left with serious injuries that take years of recovery. As​​ a motorcycle accident lawyer can explain, if you are in a motorcycle accident, there is a series of things you should do.

Get Yourself to Safety

Immediately following the accident, you should analyze your situation to determine whether you should try to move out of the way of additional danger. For example, if you are in an accident on the freeway and you are able to move, it could be safer to get both your bike and yourself to the side of the road. If your injuries prevent you from moving out of the way, or if you aren’t in an area that will cause more harm, you might be able to stay put until help arrives.

Keep Your Safety Gear On

Regardless of the type of injury you have, you should keep your safety gear on in the majority of situations. You may not know that your helmet is stabilizing your head and neck or that your leather jacket is preventing a gush of blood. A paramedic can determine when and how to get your safety gear off.

Call for Help

Every automobile accident should be reported to the police, so that’s one reason to call the authorities, but when you’re injured after an accident, calling the authorities will help you get the paramedics on the scene. Even if you don’t feel your injuries are life-threatening, you should be examined by a paramedic so a professional can determine whether you should go to the hospital.

Visit Your Doctor

If your motorcycle accident injuries warrant a visit to the emergency room, you’re going to be seen by a doctor there. Even still, it might benefit you, in the long run, to contact your primary care physician to schedule an appointment. Depending on any existing medical needs you have, it’s possible you could need additional help that the emergency room physician might not realize.

Contact Your Lawyer

When you’re injured in a motorcycle accident that wasn’t your fault, you will typically be entitled to compensation from the party at fault. Contact a motorcycle accident attorney so you can get the help you need to file the claim.