The Importance Of Dental Exams

The Importance Of Dental Exams

How often do you go to the dentist? If you’re like many people, then your answer is likely not enough. See, dentists like doctors are often avoided because people worry about bad news. Avoidance, then, equates to blissful ignorance, which can be enticing. Although, the dentist’s office is not something to be avoided. Instead, you should try and embrace frequent visits, so you can continue to indulge in all the deliciousness of eating. Routine dental exams are necessary for a healthy mouth and lifestyle, and they shouldn’t be feared.

Preventative Measure

The primary reason to make dental exams a routine part of your life is to prevent problems. It is the same reason you go to your doctor for annual physicals — if you go. Although, dental exams are also necessary to check on the progress of a past procedure or to check if treatment has the desired effect. In any case, dental exams are an essential part of dental care, and without exams, you would likely end up toothless and whistling while you talk. Even people with magnificent oral hygiene habits need to see a dentist because some oral health issues are genetic. The bottom line, don’t avoid your dentist.

Frequency of Visits

How often you go to a dentist is up for some debate. The consensus is to have at least two dental exams annually, or once every six months. Although, that number changes with age. For example, younger children and older adults might need to go more frequently, while others with superior gum and tooth health may get by with less. Since everyone is different regarding dental needs, it is best to discuss the frequency of visits with your dentist, rather than trying to guess.

Expectations of Check-Up

How often have you been to the dentist? If you go regularly, then likely nothing has changed. The appointment will begin with a general discussion about your health and dental habits. Then, the dentist will examine your teeth, gums and mouth for any changes or signs of health issues. If necessary, they will ask for imaging, tests or provide treatment. Finally, they will give you a clean bill of health and schedule you for another check-up in six months, depending.Avoiding dental appointments is common, and much of that avoidance is based on irrational fear. If it has been some time since your last dental exam, consider contacting a dentist, like from John Redmond Orthodontics, and scheduling an appointment. After all, it is important.