Three Types Of Elder Abuse

Three Types of Elder Abuse

Three Types Of Elder Abuse

Elder Law Lawyer

When elder abuse occurs, reach out to an elder law lawyer clients trust to provide safety and restitution. 

Although it may seem difficult to detect, elder abuse happens in many varying situations, and contexts. The following are three of the main types of elder abuse that occur:

  1. Elder abuse may be occurring if the victim is experiencing physical harm or blatant neglect from a caregiver. For example, if an elderly person is not given their basic human need of water, the neglect of dehydration would be considered elder abuse. Furthermore, if an aged person is physically assaulted in any shape or form, that assault would be classified as elder abuse. Understanding the difference between caregiver neglect and physical illness can be difficult, but an elder law lawyer can help distinguish between the two. Many fear that reporting elder abuse may lead to loss of caregiving and housing situation. By hiring an attorney that specializes in elder law, you not only gain peace of mind but also the assurance that they will protect your safety, providing a way out of an abusive situation. Elder abuse can take place in the victim’s house, nursing homes, hospitals, or other environments. This type of abuse can be done at the hands of a loved one, caregiver, friend, employer, or anyone with ill intent against the elderly person. 
  2. Elder abuse happens when victims are manipulated financially and exploited for their money. Sadly, this type of abuse happens all too often. Whether coming from a loved one, or a harmful internet scam, the vulnerable, elderly population may be taken for their money under the guise of help, or a potential business venture. By working with a trusted attorney from Kaplan Law Practice, LLC you can rest assured that they will advocate on your behalf and not allow injustice to take place against you. An elder law lawyer is equipped to know when elder abuse is occurring in a situation, and the legal steps needed to ensure the victim’s rights are upheld. An elder should not have to fear their financial ruin but should be properly represented and protected by their elder law lawyer.
  3. Elder abuse may take place within the workplace if a victim is discriminated against solely based upon their advanced years. If you suspect that you were looked over for a promotion, wrongfully terminated, or put in a toxic workplace situation due to your age, you may be experiencing elder abuse from an employer or company. It would be in your best interest to speak to an elder law lawyer to discuss reporting, and compensation for your mistreatment. Rather than honoring an amazing generation that has gone through extensive trials, and possesses valuable wisdom, some choose to believe that they are second-rate citizens, and should therefore be treated as less than equal. This type of thinking is extremely sad and greatly hurts the elder population, allowing more elder abuse situations to occur. If you or a loved one is in need of assistance from an abusive situation, reach out to an elder law lawyer today and get the help you deserve!