Top 4 Reasons You Need An Attorney

Top 4 Reasons You Need An Attorney

Most people want to save money wherever possible, but there are some circumstances in life when spending money is the more frugal option. Fighting a personal injury claim is one of those times. While hiring a lawyer seems too costly for civil court, you have to weigh the risks of not having an attorney in your corner. Beyond a higher probability for success, there are four reasons you need a lawyer for your personal injury claim.

1. Law Degree

A law degree is more than a symbol of student debt and accomplishment. This graduate degree represents legal knowledge that likely far surpasses your own. Personal injury law is complex, and the many facets of the discipline mean crafting a favorable argument is challenging, especially when you want your case to be airtight against the defendant. Therefore, the primary reason to hire an attorney is for their legal knowledge.

2. Trial Experience

Beyond legal knowledge, you need someone with experience in your corner. A personal injury lawyer understands the processes and procedures or civil cases. They also understand the etiquette and rules in a courtroom. If you argue your case, you may be at a disadvantage because of your inexperience in trial settings. You may also be unable to refrain from emotional outbursts, which can bias a jury or judge against you.

3. Negotiation Skills

Lawyers are also skilled negotiators. While they may be experts in a courtroom, personal injury attorneys are confident in settlement negotiations. Arguing a claim during settlement talks differs from in a courtroom, and it is paramount that your claim is understood, factually correct, and presented well. An attorney understands the tactics used during settlement hearings and knows how to manipulate the process for their client’s benefit.

4. Professional Relationships

How many lawyers do you know? Are they familiar with personal injury law and defense strategies? Part of arguing a personal injury case is understanding how the opposing counsel will support their defense. An experienced attorney is at a significant advantage because they have a rapport with other attorneys and legal professionals, meaning you get the benefit of their knowledge and relationships.

When it comes to filing a personal injury lawsuit, don’t be too frugal. Find yourself a local attorney, like a Newark personal injury attorney from Rispoli & Borneo, P.C., with adequate experience. If you are looking for the most favorable outcome, you need the support of experienced legal representation, especially when your claim isn’t straightforward.