What Does It Mean To Be Legally Separated?

What Does It Mean To Be Legally Separated?

What Does it Mean to be Legally Separated?

What Does it Mean to be Legally Separated

Legal Separation

When a marriage is on the rocks or facing difficulties, most people turn to the idea of divorce to get them through these irreconcilable differences. Something that actually may work better for some couples though is a legal separation. A legal separation is quite similar to a divorce but differs from a divorce in a few ways. Let’s review some of those reasons and see which may work better for you if you are having some issues with your marriage and are wondering what your options are going forward. 

What is Legal Separation?

Legal separation is for couples who do not wish to completely end their marriage. The finances, properties, and decisional aspects of raising children, if you have them, are all decided by a court similar to a marriage. The actual end of marriage can only be done through divorce though. A good way of thinking of a legal separation is like a marriage that is taking a break and being put on hold. Some couples may understand that their marriage is at an especially delicate stage, but they do not wish to completely end it. A legal separation is for those who wish to work on their marriage, who still have a hope for the future that it could come back together. 

Why Legally Separate?

While a legal separation is similar to a divorce, the actual marriage isn’t legally over and there is still a hope for reconciliation. Another reason that some people opt for a legal separation over a divorce is due to their religious beliefs. Some religions forbid their believers from taking part in a divorce. This is where a legal separation comes in and can help those people out. Other reasons include possible tax relief from still being able to file jointly, coverages for health insurance still in effect due to the couple not being divorced and others. A legal separation lawyer can fill you in even more with the details and other benefits.

Legal Counsel

If you are in need of some guidance for your marriage, then a legal separation lawyer may be able to help you navigate the process. This type of lawyer specializes in legal separations and has helped guide numerous individuals and couples through the process. If you think that you would like to legally separate from your spouse, then contact a legal separation lawyer today.