What To Do When Insurance Denies Your Claim

What To Do When Insurance Denies Your Claim

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Not all personal injury claims will be the same and, depending on the type of accident that occurred, how it happened, and what you did following the accident, the insurance company you filed a claim with may not accept your claim. When this happens, you get a claim denial letter that should outline why they denied your claim and what your next steps are. At this point, many people may think they have no hope for filing an appeal to their denied claim so they choose not to pursue it any further. However, the insurance company should not win simply because they lead you to believe you have no hope of receiving fair compensation. Further action can be taken.  

Why Was It Denied in the First Place? 

The best place to start is determining why your claim was denied in the first place. 

  1. They state that your claim was incomplete. If the insurance agents who are reviewing your claim believe that the information you submitted was incorrect or incomplete, they may state that the claim is not valid. 
  2. You have a pre-existing condition. If you have a pre-existing condition that was exasperated by the personal injury accident or the insurance company believes your injury happened at another time, they may say you cannot receive compensation by filing a claim for this accident. 
  3. You did not get medical care. If you avoided getting medical care for any reason after the accident, the insurance company could say you did not have injuries that resulted from the accident. It is always best to seek immediate treatment following any injury, especially one sustained on someone else’s property. 
  4. The insurance company blames you. If the insurance company believes you were partially responsible for the accident that occurred, they may try to throw the whole claim out. They may argue that you should have seen a dangerous area or that you were acting in a reckless or negligent manner and brought the injury upon yourself. Even if this is the case, there is still potential to receive some amount of compensation for your injuries.

What can I Do After a Claim Denial? 

You should not give up on your personal injury claim just because an insurance company denied it. Instead, as a lawyer, like a Washington, DC personal injury lawyer from a law firm like The Law Firm of Frederick J. Brynn, P.C. can attest to, fighting back and creating an appeal to this denial could get you the compensation you need to pay off your medical bills after an accident. Don’t hesitate to get the help you need by reaching out to a local attorney.