What To Know Before Getting A Divorce

What To Know Before Getting A Divorce

If you are preparing to get a divorce, you will want to know what you are about to get into. Is it possible to go through a relatively easy divorce process? Absolutely. There are certain circumstances surrounding a divorce where it may be easier to go through the process. For example, if you and your spouse have not acquired many assets or if you do not have any children. That said, there are many factors that go into a divorce and it is good to get an idea of what the process will look like before you decide to file. 

Do different states have different rules about divorce? 

Yes. This is one of the reasons you will find it highly beneficial to work with a lawyer, like a divorce lawyer from a law firm like Robinson & Hadeed Family Law. Each state will have its own rules on things like: 

  • Residency. Depending on the state you live in, you may need to wait to file for divorce if you have not lived in the state for very long. Many states require the spouse who is filing for divorce to live in the state for at least 3 months. 
  • Separation. In some states, you will be required to live apart from your spouse for a certain period of time. This separation may need to happen either before you file for divorce or before a judge allows the divorce to become finalized. If you would like your divorce to go quickly, it is best to find out as soon as possible whether you will need to separate from your spouse. 
  • A waiting period. Your state may require that a judge waits a certain number of days before they are allowed to grant you the divorce decree from the day you filed. This means you may have a minimum amount of time you must wait before the divorce is finalized. 

How can a lawyer help me? 

A lawyer can help ensure you are abiding by your state’s law when it comes to filing for divorce or responding to a divorce petition. Your lawyer will also be able to help file things on your behalf and gather any evidence you may need when preparing for your divorce. You should understand that you have the right to an attorney, even if your spouse insists that they want to leave lawyers out of it. Bringing a lawyer in does not mean you are attempting to get aggressive. It simply means you are protecting yourself. 

If you are about to begin the divorce process and would like to see how a lawyer can help you, give a local law firm a call.