What’s the Impact Background Checks Have on Those Convicted of a Crime?

What’s the Impact Background Checks Have on Those Convicted of a Crime?

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Have you been convicted of a crime? Are you having trouble obtaining a job due to the mark on your criminal record? Unfortunately, a criminal record can be difficult to move on from. Although you may have served time or already paid for past mistakes, unfortunately, they have the ability to follow you for quite some time. When faced with a criminal record, you may have questions regarding your record and the impact it has on you.

Why do employees run background checks?

When an employer is in the process of searching for qualified job candidates, asking for details regarding criminal history is not uncommon. A candidate with marks on their record may give a hiring manager pause, in that there can be a variety of risks in hiring someone with a criminal background. In some cases, an employee may do a more thorough background check to include criminal history, education and credit reports. A background check can be a key step to the process when an employer is seeking to hire.

When does a background check matter?

Background checks are key for employers. Knowing a candidate’s criminal history will be key when making decisions regarding employment. This is especially true when your criminal conviction would have an impact on the job duties you would be required to carry out. An employer takes a risk when hiring a candidate who has a criminal record. Because of this, a candidate with a criminal background will weigh heavily on an employer’s decision to move forward in the hiring process.

How should I manage a conviction on my record?

For someone who has been charged with a crime, carrying a criminal record can be frustrating. This is especially true when you have already paid your dues for your actions. When faced with a job search, it’s important to be up front rather than wait for a background check to produce a record. Being honest and upfront while also discussing your strengths can make an impression on potential employers. Although it can be frustrating, it’s important that you are patient and persistent with the process.  

Is it possible to have a conviction removed from my record?

In some cases, a conviction may be removed from your criminal record. However, facing this matter will require the help of an attorney. Having a record expunged or sealed can make it appear as though the crime you committed never happened. In most cases, minor infractions can be expunged after a short period of time has passed. More serious crimes, such as felonies, may not have the ability to be removed from a person’s record. It can be complicated to remove a conviction. Contacting a criminal offenses attorney DC trusts may be the best way of managing the expungement process.

Receiving a criminal conviction is not the best outcome to be handed down from a criminal case. Contending with a criminal conviction on your record can be frustrating, not only will it follow you for years to come, it can have an impact on certain areas of your life. If you have been convicted of a crime, and are carrying the heavy burden of a criminal record, speak with an attorney to determine what actions you may be able to take.

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