When Everyday People Become Bike Accident Victims

When Everyday People Become Bike Accident Victims

Personal Injury Lawyer

Bike accidents are often just as terrible as people imagine it to be, as there is no barrier to protect the cyclist’s body from direct impact if a car driver were to hit them. Taking certain steps after a bike accident is important in protecting your rights, health, and finances. Hundreds of thousands of people are injured and hundreds of people are killed each year from bike accidents. Anyone who is struck by a moving vehicle while on a bike is likely to have sustained injury that requires medical attention, even if it isn’t noticed at the time. 

If you are in a bike accident, call 911 or ask someone near you to do so if you can’t. If you are able to move, your priority should be to get off the road and to a safe area within proximity of the scene. Examine your body. Are you able to move your extremities fully? Do you have visible cuts, bruises, or wounds? Do you feel dizzy, confused, or not sturdy on your feet? Observe your symptoms and inform the medical team when they arrive.

Everyday people suddenly become victims in a personal injury accident when they get hurt because of another’s actions. Obtaining evidence and exchanging information with the driver will be pivotal in the cyclist’s ability to recover compensation for their injuries and damages. Examples of evidence that can help your personal injury case include:

  • Photos/video of the scene and your injuries
  • Photos/video of damage to bike and vehicle
  • Copies of medical document related to injuries
  • Statements from employer if you missed work to recover
  • Receipts from out-of-pocket expenses related to accident
  • Cost to fix or replace bicycle and other damaged property

Our Personal Injury Lawyer friends from Therman Law Offices, LTD can attest to seeing just how badly people get hurt and have their lives turned upside because of a bicycle accident. In the event that you or someone you love has become the victim in a bike accident, remember to make decisions based on your health and best interests.