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How to find a good criminal lawyer in Elizabeth NJ
If you are suspected or charged with a crime or legal violation in Elizabeth NJ, you would be wise to consult with an Elizabeth NJ criminal lawyer who can help clear your name or negotiate a penalty. How does one find a good criminal lawyer in Elizabeth NJ? There are two phases to researching criminal lawyers in Elizabeth NJ: recommendation and consultation.

To obtain recommendations, you may talk to people you know who have been through similar circumstances. You may also wish to look through New Jersey state bar association’s referral list. Each state bar association has a referral list but the standards by which lawyers are placed on the list varies from state to state. In some states, one simply has to be admitted to the bar to be placed on the referral list. Other states require that attorneys carry specific credentials. Before choosing a criminal lawyer in Elizabeth NJ, be aware of the New Jersey state bar’s referral list standards and see if they meet your own standards, and make you feel confident about the caliber of attorneys listed. A good reference can be key in securing a good criminal lawyer in Elizabeth NJ.

References alone are not enough, however. Once you have your list of recommendations, it is time to begin research each professional. Research your criminal lawyer’s website and glean as much as you can about his or her philosophy and practice. How many years’ experience does this lawyer have? Where did this criminal lawyer go to law school? What is his/ her success rate? If you are satisfied with what you learn online, you may book a consultation. Generally criminal lawyers in Elizabeth NJ offer clients free case evaluations. You should be wary if a lawyer tries to charge for this service.

It is simply impossible to know if a lawyer will be a good fit without a consultation. When you meet with a criminal lawyer in Elizabeth NJ, bring every piece of documentation– photographs, reports, evidence– that can help build your case. There are many questions you would be wise to ask. First: has this criminal lawyer handled cases similar to mine? If the answer is yes, you may have found a good fit. Other questions you may wish to ask include:

  • What is your Elizabeth NJ criminal lawyer’s philosophy
  • Is this criminal lawyer more “hands-on” or a “legal guide?” In criminal investigations, it is best to have someone who will fight for you aggressively.
  • Criminal lawyers often work in teams– who will be managing your case primarily?

Learn all that you can before choosing a criminal lawyer in Elizabeth NJ. You want a lawyer whom you can trust and who will inspire confidence, keeping you informed throughout the legal process.